Electric lab

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Laboratory for studying, developing and testing of components and systems for future electric power systems.

We do mobile and web development. Our world-class engineers and installation specialists provide turnkey laboratory solutions. Study, development and testing of components and systems for future electric power systems.

Comprehensive configurable Low Voltage (400V) grid with Lab cells, different energy resources and large experimental halls for flexible electric experiments. The dedicated grid connects a number of resources. In the Electrical Circuit Lab students can create their own electrical circuits and do measurements on it. In the circuits the students can use resistors, light bulbs, switches, capacitors and coils.

There is an ammeter, voltmeter, wattmeter and an ohmmeter.

High-Fidelity Material Models. We develop bottom-up scientific simulation models with high predictive power for accurate material prototyping. With a broad range of lab equipment at hand we can characterize and digitize physical material samples. The unit can be easily switched on and off by the shock- proofed plug with included toggle switch or using the power regulator.

A square tube on the inside of the stack, made of heat- resistant and acid- resistant alloy, serves as a heat exchanger and is electrically isolated. Just connect it to the electrical plug in the laboratory. If you have to do regular tests or maintenances on very heavy or firmly installed electrical devices, the mobile test – and service stations of hera could be effective helpers.

Balloons and Static Electricity , Screenshot of the simulation Capacitor Lab Capacitor Lab. WHAT IS LIGHTNING LAB ELECTRIC ? Lightning Lab is a four-month, mentor- intensive, business acceleration programme based on the best of breed accelerator model developed by TechStars in the US. The programme provides teams with structure, startup methodologies, business skills and focused support so they can . UPower UP5Control Box. Aseptico Power-Tip – Model AEU-10SS.

Viss par uzņēmumu no valsts un nevalstiskajiem reģistriem. The lab was the first industrial research lab of its kind. Prior to the formation of the GE Research Lab.

In this laboratory we will determine the equipotentials associated with a few often used electrode configurations.

In addition to equipotential surfaces in the region around charged electrodes there is also present an electric field. By definition the electric field is a vector field that can be represented by lines drawn from the .