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Con la nueva aplicación de Mixer , puedes hacer más cosas además de mirar: ¡ puedes formar parte de la acción! Dirige decisiones de juego, coloca objetos, selecciona sonidos, etc. Minecraft, la serie Crowd Play de . Mixer makes it easy to start streaming your gameplay.

In just a couple of clicks, you can start broadcasting on Windows or Xbox One—no extra software required. And coming soon, the Mixer Create app on iOS and Android will let you easily broadcast your gameplay on the go.

With the new Mixer app , you can do more than just watch — you can take part in the action! Direct game choices, place objects, select sounds and much more. Mixer is a next-generation live streaming platform for gamers that lets viewers participate in the gameplay itself.

Instead of sitting idle, viewers get to engage with the content directly, creating quests, choosing weapons, or even acting as characters within the game world. En caché Traducir esta página oct. When we brought FTL beta to our Mixer mobile app last month, we said it was the first of many exciting things in store for Mixer mobile fans this year.

As we listened to the community feedback, it was . Back in October, Microsoft released a beta for a redesigned version of its Mixer streaming app for iOS and Android.

Mixer is a private network for professionals working in art, fashion, film, music and other creative industries. Mixer , el servicio de streaming de vídeo de Microsoft, estrena nueva app en Android. Hace un tiempo ya que Beam, el servicio de streaming de vídeo online de Microsoft cambiaba su nombre a Mixer renovando también sus aplicaciones para dispositivos móviles, buscando seguramente que Windows. Mixer , la plataforma de difusión de juegos electrónicos de Microsoft, ha lanzado oficialmente su aplicación móvil para los sistemas Android e iOS. Con la aplicación Mixer Create, los usuarios serán capaces de transmitir las partidas de juegos desde sus teléfonos móviles.

A este respecto, esta posibilidad . Download Dj Mixer for Android. Back in October the company announced it was working on redesigning the livestreaming app to make it easier to find new and relevant gaming broadcasts. Features included a reworked Trending section, a featured streams carousel and better filters, . Dj Mixer turns your tablet into a DJ mixer , ideal for playing your music in your party, easy to use and totally free, no advertising and no in- app purchases. Dj Mixer have two decks and allows you to create your playlist at the moment and add songs on the fly to your sessions, and mix with a cross fader. With these music mixing apps , you can loop, cue, crossfade, pitch-shift and more to remix your digital library.

This feature works on Android with all games, but is more limited on iOS. The best online DJ app to mix SoundCloud music and videos for FREE! The new Mixer mobile app is available for download today on Android and coming soon on iOS.

Mixer Create is our iOS and Android streaming app that enables gamers to broadcast themselves and stream their mobile gameplay with.