Sanyo fuzzy logic

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The latest in micro-computerized technology combines with innovation in this new multi-use kitchen appliance from Sanyo. Cook top quality rice dishes, slow cook stews or soups, steam veggies, boil eggs and even make tofu in this impressive machine! The unit includes two separate inner pots and inner lids to keep slow . Compra-Venta de videocamaras de segunda mano sanyo vm. Sanyo video cameras fuzzy logic manual related questions and. Ask your Sanyo questions.

Get free help from video camera experts. I had read that while Zo is definitely the de-facto standard for fuzzy – logic rice cookers, the equivalents from Sanyo , Tiger, and Panasonic were equally as good. REFER PIC OF FRONT COVER FOR LIST.

I bought a Sanyo fuzzy logic rice cooker like years ago because it was pretty cheap for fuzzy logic. The rice turns out inconsistent every time and it also takes like an hour to cook. Sticky rice made in a fuzzy logic machine is fine for some uses, such as when it will be . VIDEO CAMERA SYSTEM USING FUZZY LOGIC. Toshinobu Haruki, Kenichi Kikuchi. Fuzzy connectionist expert systems, Proc.

Sanyo , Neuro and fuzzy logic automatic washing machine ASW-50v Sanyo News Rel.

For both analog and digital copying methods, this fuzzy system reduced the variation of image contrast to between and of that of conventional methods. Used for around years. Sanyo ASW85HT kilo fully automatic washing machine.

SKU: ASW85HT Category: Full Auto Washing Machine. Another great brand to consider is Sanyo! They have a nice selection of cookers to choose from, all which make very good quality batches of rice with much consistency.

In addition, Sanyo rice cookers also offer folks more than just rice cooking capabilities since some units . I just bought this Sanyo to replace my Sunbeam food steamer. I stripped the timer by turning it backward. A No-No on these cheap appliances.

I much prefer the rice from the Sunbeam. The fuzzy logic rice comes out too light, i.